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Media Targeting: digital marketing

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How to implement efficient digital marketing, increase profits, control the sales funnel, set up end-to-end analytics, and extend the business? We’ll go deep into understanding the principles of your business, analyze your customer's journey, design a right website for your needs, adjust your advertising, implement the analytical tools, and make it all work systematically and favourably for your business to prosper. Consultation

Media Targeting: end-to-end analysis

Get proven results

You always know how effective your digital marketing budgeting is. End-to-end analytics measure every search query, every click, every purchase of your customer in order to maximize your profits. Performance approach ensures that at every stage of operation, the decisions are driven by the data, resulting in a measurable benefit. Consultation

Media Targeting: efficient partnership

Working together with you

The success of your business is the main thing for us. We do not offer you a template solution from the shelf, instead, we select and configure an optimal set of tools for your business — from 'simple' ads to complex advertising projects, with a custom CRM integration and tailor-made solutions, should they be required. Consultation


Media TargetingOur methods

The complex approach: at the start of the project, we research the market for the client's product, create a custom promotion strategy, consisting of a plan to attract the traffic, improve the website, optimize the sales department and fine tune the customer service.


We attract new visitors, creating a stream of target audience using tailor made advertising campaigns.

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We expertly package your product and present it on the Internet from its most advantageous side.

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We help you retain the existing customers by properly maintaining your current customer base.

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Data-driven performanceAnalytics

We always work to achieve measurable results. Our decision-making process is based on statistically reliable data. A spot collaboration between the client and our specialists, regular monitoring and systematic optimization of results lead to increased sales and profits.


This type of analytics allows you to optimize your website for sales and to increase conversion rates.

End-to-End Analytics

End-to-End Analytics provides a detailed view on effectiveness of advertising channels, campaigns and keywords.

Business Intelligence

Various Business Intelligence (BI) dashboards enable a strategic overview of the business processes, opening a doorway for data-driven solutions.

Media TargetingServices

01 Attraction

To attract new customers for your business, we create an incoming stream of target audience using advertising campaigns, individually tailored for your product or service.

In our work, we focus on the largest systems: Google Ads (Google search, Google Display Network, YouTube, Gmail) and Facebook Ads, which are displayed on Facebook itself, as well as on Instagram.

For some projects, it is advisable to use other tools, for example, Bing Ads, Yahoo Ads, advertising in mobile networks, direct placements and programmatic platforms. The list of marketing channels involved is selected by us individually, based on the client's product or service, its needs and goals.

02 Conversion

We are always thinking of how to expertly package your product, and present it on the Internet in the most beneficial way specifically for your target customer.

For that, we create well thought out landing pages and sales-oriented websites, where the client follows a projected customer journey, at the end of which, with a high enough probability, she or he decides to buy a service or a product.

For an online business to be successful, it is not enough for a company to be represented on the Internet by just a single website. Most customers now research online for product reviews before placing an order. Therefore, the positive information about the company on independent platforms (such as Yelp, Google maps and others) is crucial for increasing the number of enquires for your business.

We enter the information about your company into the most suitable third-party services and also advise you on how to further work with your online reputation.

03 Retention

In addition to attracting new customers, it is very key to retain the existing ones and to properly maintain your customer base.

We set up remarketing campaigns for relevant advertising channels, as well as do CRM marketing, including newsletters and triggered mailings, personal offers and other tools.

If the number of buyers is much lower than the number of those who enquired, we identify reasons why and help with the optimizing the sales department's work; including setting up business processes in order to increase sales, even with the initial number of leads.

If you do not have any CRM and loyalty programs yet in place, we would gladly assist by being consultants for their implementation into your business.

04 Web-Analytics

At all stages of our work, analytics is the foundation, on the basis of which we make our decisions.

Web-Analytics allow you to optimise the website for sales, thus increasing the conversion, as well as reducing the cost per lead. The default tool of choice is Google Analytics.

05 End-to-End Analytics

End-to-End Analytics provides a detailed overview of the effectiveness of various advertising channels, campaigns and keywords, based on the profit, that customers, who came from their respective source, have generated.

By using it, it becomes possible to profitably redistribute the advertising budgets. (The implementation is possible only with a CRM system in place.)

06 Business Intelligence

The individual reports, based on Business Intelligence systems (such as Microsoft Power BI, Google Data Studio) provide managers with a clear understanding of all relevant business processes in the company, allowing them to make informed decisions, based on the actual data.

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    Media TargetingService packages & plans


    • Landing page development
    • Content management
    • Hosting
    • SSL Certificate
    • Corporate eMail
    • Information updating
    • Effectivity monitoring
    • Google indexing

    Starting from €5,000.00+ Support: €200 per month


    • Development of a corporate multipage website
    • Everything from the Startup package +
    • Rectification of errors in the Google Search Console
    • Creation of additional pages for the website

    Starting from €10,000.00+ Support: €400 per month


    • Development of a portal or eCommerce website
    • Everything from the Optima package +
    • Optimization for highload
    • DDoS protection
    • Development of individual solutions

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    • Deployment of 1 advertising channel: Google Ads or Facebook Ads
    • Web analytics up to the individual leads (Google Analytics)
    • Adding the company information to Google My Business, keeping the information up to date

    €1,500.00 monthly+ advertising budget

    Ask for our advice All prices include 16% VAT
    • Everything from the Startup package +
    • Deployment of 2 advertising channels: Google Ads and Facebook Ads
    • End-to-End analytics (given the possibility of integration within the customer's CRM)
    • Analysis of the visitors' behavior on the website (Webvisor)
    • CRM marketing: eMail marketing
    • SMM
    • Copywriting

    €3,500.00 monthly+ advertising budget

    Ask for our advice All prices include 16% VAT
    • Everything from the Optima package +
    • Deployment of multiple advertising channels and campaigns
    • End-to-End analytics with a customized CRM integration
    • Setting up Microsoft Power BI reports
    • CRM marketing: personalized, triggered mailings
    • CRM integrations, application development
    • Content marketing

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    Ask for our advice All prices include 16% VAT

    Media TargetingCustomer Journey


    Driving the traffic and its conversion is only a part of the interaction between the company and the client. The entire customer journey map is much broader; and the consumer goes through many more stages, starting with a formation of a need, finding a solution and choosing the available options — and ending with a purchase, service, repeat purchases and recommendations. On this journey, the usual funnel from clicking on an advertisement to ordering on the website takes only a small part.

    We are able to work with all stages of your interaction with the client. Content marketing and targeted advertising will help to spark the interest and generate a need, contextual advertising will assist by bringing a client to you at the time of making a purchase decision, a high-quality website will help to convert the lead into a sale, and CRM marketing will help to do repeat business and maintain the customer base.

    Media TargetingVisual Communication


    It's good to have a powerful marketing motor under the hood and well-established technologies for monitoring its effectiveness; but at the same time - they are greeted by their clothes. Shoppers often make purchasing decisions, based on emotions - which can cause a spectacular appearance. A logical presentation of information and the beautiful, individual packaging attract the people's attention and interest, increasing your conversions.

    We provide a high level, striking visual communication for your business, develop custom landing pages for your goods and services, create company-branded websites and eCommerce shops, help you craft an entire unique corporate identity, and package your ideas from head to heels, so your product appears beautiful — and not only on the inside.

    Media TargetingDo you require assistance in making your business project a success? We are at your service!

      Media TargetingCases and projects

      L'Oreal and Maybelline Russia

      Using more than 30 different types of ads (including the display of the brand testimonials Milla Jovovic and Linda Evangelista), we conducted a targeted advertising of company's groups on Facebook, among various groups of brand's target audience, achieving a monthly increase of 1.000 people, at prices at 30 cents per click and $1.1 per member.


      We carried out a comprehensive marketing plan, including optimizing the content on websites, developing advertising campaigns, setting up End-to-End Analytics, implementing a CRM system and advising the sales department, which altogether increased the company's monthly turnover from 4 to 7 million Russian Rubles.

      Prompribor Inc.

      An individual solution for a company with a staff of more than 1.000 people — in accordance with given technical guidelines, we developed and implemented the sales pipeline module for the CRM Bitrix24, which allows the user to individually select the customers and transactions from the database, and to assign tasks and actions to managers in a pipeline mode. The module made it possible to significantly increase the efficiency of the sales department due to the improved distribution of managers' work time.

      Sports Hotel 'Aquatoria Leta'

      We redesigned the advertising campaign, increasing its effectiveness; the initial setup quickly led to the significant improvement in primary indicators: raised the number of clicks by 3 times, decreased the cost of click by 3 times and increased the conversion by 4 times. Then End-to-End Analytics was implemented using the CallTouch technology, creating a complete and flexible marketing tool for the client.

      BI Data Connector

      We have developed an application — a special connector to download the data from the Bitrix24 CRM system to be used in Power BI reports, using which one can establish a regular reporting of the relevant CRM data by using analytical BI systems. More than 300 clients, including Yandex, Splat and Spar.

      Book 'End-to-End Analytics'

      The book written by Sergey Mushtuk, one of Media Targeting's founding fathers, explains the intricacies of End-to-End Analytics in digital marketing — why it is needed and how to construct and use it correctly. You will learn how to link a website, a CRM system, various advertising channels and communication methods into a single cohesive system; learn to identify, which advertising channels are profitable and which are not; and how to properly assemble and control the advertising media mix for any marketing project. The use of End-to-End Analytics creates the transparency of the entire digital advertising mechanism and allows you working with it on a completely different level, significantly increasing the overall efficiency. Track everything and make data-driven decisions.

      TeamOur experts

      Sergey Mushtuk Advertising and analytics

      Born and lives in Moscow, Sergey graduated from MESI with the new speciality for that time, the informatics-economist. In 2000, he had created his first online store, and during the following years had developed various projects in the field of e-commerce and digital marketing, banner advertising and creation of online advertising websites. In 2010 Sergey founded the digital marketing agency 'Media Targeting', with a focus on marketing on the social media. Gradually, the focus of the work shifted to targeted advertising and a more complex marketing approach overall. In 2013, he introduced the principles of End-to-End Analytics for the first time in the region, becoming a pioneer in this area. Author of articles, the book "End-to-End Analytics" and the canonical definition of this term (in the Russian-speaking space), a conference speaker, and a grill master. Sergey is married and has two sons. Fond of gadgets and modern technologies, Sergey commutes to the office by an electric scooter.

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      Alexey Tolstov Communication and business development

      Born in Moscow, in 2000 Alexey immigrated to Frankfurt, Germany, where he now resides. Alexey received a Bachelor of Laws degree, and later studied economics, stock markets and marketing, has a cumulative of 20 years of IT consulting experience and 7 years experience in Bitcoin and distributed ledger technologies. A startup consultant. In 2019, Alexey joined one of the oldest Russian companies that renders exhibition marketing services, where he took up the business development role. At the junction of his interests, Alexey took part in international projects, where he gained the experience of working with people from different parts of the world, cultural layers and backgrounds. In 2020, Alexey proposed expansion of activities in the Western European market to his colleagues in the agency, subsequently heading this direction. Alexey is deeply fond of philosophy, music and action sports.

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      Sergey Kharlamov Strategy and audit

      An entrepreneur with many years of experience in IT, as well as in offline book publishing. Marketing consultant for several companies in Germany and Russia. Sergey likes to find technological solutions to complex problems and to automate the processes in business and private life. A big fan of high-quality, simple and user-friendly interfaces. Sergey is convinced that Bitcoin will change the world. Likes to travel for work and leisure, speaks three languages. Lives in Moscow.

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